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Accommodation in Ukraine Cheaper according to other European States, prices varies according to your own priorities, it is totally up to your choice and demand what you like and what makes you comfort. Normally, we recommend living in hostel for the new coming students because:

  •  They don’t know communicative language with locals
  •  They don’t know the city bus roots outside the university campus
  • We help the student all the way long but if they live outside the university campus we can’t approach to them, so it is difficult to help them.
  • Hostel is the best place to meet new people, gaining new experience and making new friends which lives for life.


Accommodation in university hostel

Cheap and good option for the new coming students, provided by the University.

Two types of hostels according to Facilities:

  1. Excellent Renovation (includes all necessary facilities to live comfortable)

In Double person’s room: One place charges – 1200USD per year

In Three person’s room: One place charges –    1000USD per year

  1. Ordinary Renovation (includes only basic facilities)

In Double person’s room: One place charges – 600USD per year

In Three person’s room: One place charges –   500USD per year


Accommodation in rental flat

Students who are interested to live outside the university area can go for this option.

Apartment’s charges are categorized according to their space, condition and place.

Single room’s Apartment:   Ordinary Renovation           75-150 USD per month

                                          Euro Renovation                   125-250 USD per month

Two room’s Apartment:     Ordinary Renovation            125-250 USD per month

                                         Euro Renovation                   200-300 USD per month

Three room’s Apartment:  Ordinary Renovation            250-400USD per month

                                         Euro Renovation                   300-500USD per month

Admission 2020-2021 is open in Ukraine

All foreign students are welcome to study in Ukraine. You can apply with Ukrainian Admissions Center.

Admission office in Ukraine

Email: ukraine.admission.center@gmail.com Viber/Whatsapp:(+380)-68-811-08-39 Address: Nauki Avenue 40, 64, Kharkiv, Ukraine. APPLY NOW
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