Maritime courses

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Below is the list of Maritime Universities in Ukraine:

  • First Ukrainian Maritime Institute
  • Kharkiv National Pedagogical University – Faculty of Law
  • Kherson State Maritime Institute
  • National Shipbuilding University of Ukraine
  • National University Ostroh Academy
  • Odesa Law Academy
  • Odessa National Maritime Academy


1.Navigation (Captain Course)

2.Ship power plants operation

3.Operation of ship’s electrical equipment and Automation


preparatory Faculty – 8month

Bachelor Degree Duration: 4 years

Masters : 2years

Medium of instruction :  English

Tuition fee break down for 1st year.

Tuition Fee 2500$US
* Invitation letter costs 300$US
* Courier Service Charges 100$US
Visa Support/ Confirmation costs
(sent to Ukraine Embassies electronically at students’ location through Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We give a copy of that Visa Support/ Confirmation to students as well.)
 Health Insurance costs  100$US
 Immigration Insurance:  100$US
 Hostel fee (Newly renovated and well furnished rooms, two persons in one room)  600$US per academic year
 Admission and Registration fee  100$US
 Consultancy Charges of our firm  700$US
 Airport pick up  100$US
 Transport to school  100$US
Total package of 4800$US

Tuition fee from 2nd year to final year 3000$US per year including accommodation.

Masters Degree Duration: 2 years  (Tuition fee 2600E UR/year, and miscellaneous expenses for 1st yr only with accommodation: 2150USD)


From 2nd year Sea Passport (CDC).3rd year 6 months payable internship, one free laptop & given $600+ per month.

After Graduation Permanent Job in Germany Shipping Company.

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